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David Hitchenor

The Full Story

Meet David Hitchenor, the passionate stone mason and proud owner of Rock-It Landscapes. Originating from the picturesque hills of Yorkshire, England, David's journey began in corporate banking before he embarked on a transformative solo European adventure. David worked as a hydraulic fitter across Europe, including contributing to the construction of the Millennium Dome in London. His love for travel eventually led him to Australia in 1999.​


Settling permanently in 2001, David discovered his true calling when building his own home in Pemberton. Fascinated by the unique beauty of local stone, he incorporated it into his property, setting the foundation for a flourishing stone masonry business. From enhancing his own property to meeting increasing demand, Rock-It Landscapes has evolved into a full-time venture, boasting a dedicated team of skilled stone masons. Every project, whether a small garden or a full-stone house, reflects the team's passion for quality craftsmanship. At Rock-It Landscapes, each laid stone tells a unique story, showcasing a commitment to excellence born from a genuine love for the art of stone masonry.


Our Story

Established with a dedication to craftsmanship, Rock-It Landscapes has been a cornerstone in the industry, crafting exceptional stone solutions that stand the test of time. Our journey is fueled by a love for nature's materials and a belief that every project is an opportunity to blend artistry with functionality.

Let’s Transform Together

Embark on a journey with Rock-It Landscapes to redefine your outdoor space. Whether you're envisioning a stunning stone retaining wall or a unique landscaping project, we invite you to explore the possibilities. Contact us today, and let's transform your dreams into tangible, timeless creations.

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