There are many variables in each job which can affect the pricing; location, complexity of stonework, height of walls, footing requirements, preparation work, supply of materials and size of the job.

However, as a guide the cost of labour (including the use of machinery such as mixers, Kanga Loader, tools etc.) can range from $300 - $500 per square metre of finished face rock including GST.


Materials would generally range from $50 - $150 per square metre of finished face rock, including GST. These prices are very competitive with limestone blocks.


As it is the delivery and breaking of the stone that greatly affects the cost of the materials, we are happy to use stone supplied to us by our clients. The bigger the project the better the price per square metre we can offer. Whether a project has a budget of $2,000 or $20,000, we are able to design a job to suit your needs.


We understand how important pricing is and try to keep costs to a minimum, whilst at the same time making sure the quality of the work remains of the highest standards.


We are happy to provide obligation free quotes for any job and can provide a quote over the phone or via email, based on the number of square metres, type of stone and location.