David Hitchenor

"The Rock-It  Man"

Stone mason and Rock-It Landscape owner, David Hitchenor, has a love of all things stone that has earned him the nickname "The Rock-It Man."


Born and raised in the rolling country hills of Yorkshire, England, David left school in 1995 to begin work at a corporate bank. "Banking seems a world away from the physical intensity of stone mansonry, but it was a good experience and I enjoyed it immensely. However I always knew my long term future lay in something more practical. Stone work fitted the bill perfectly."


After leaving banking aged 21, David travelled alone across Europe for four months, an experience which he believes shaped his life dramatically. "It was a wonderful adventure, hard work at times, but it gave me a love of travelling and meeting new people."


David continued to travel and spent the next couple of years working as a hydraulic fitter in many sites throughout Europe. "I worked in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and even on the contruction of the Millennium Dome, now the O2 Arena, in London. It was a wonderful time in my life."

However, the travel bug hit David again and he headed for Australia in 1999 moving permanently in 2001.


He began his life with stone when building his own property in Pemberton. "I had seen lots of stone in the surrounding farms and thought it would really add something unique so I gave it a go. And it really worked. Not only was my own property enhanced, but I was quickly in demand to build more walls for other people. Before I know it, it snowballed into a full time business."

The demand has continued to increase and now David has a dedicated team of stone masons to assist with the stone work. "Every job is different, and whether a small garden or a full stone house, we take pride in each stone we lay. I think the passion for stone masonry at Rock-It Landscapes is reflected in our quality of work." 

"We take pride in each stone we lay"